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Tristana producciones arises from the need to generate author productions. It´s about a way to get back sounds that have been forgotten. To rescue the radio language, composing from the musical beauty of the word. The art of the radio and its esthetic. An expressive media in continuous movement, a language that recreates itself without losing its particular identity. Since the creation of the radio pieces we propose to open a dialogue. Appeal to listen. Respect the silence. To say, to create, to express, in short ... to produce.

Florencia Flores Iborra

Photo: Adriana Sánchez

Philosophy Professor, graduated from the Artigas Professors Institute (IPA, for its acronym in Spanish). Radio producer graduated from ETER Communication School. Since 2010 she has been based in Argentina. In 2015 she was selected by the University of Buenos Aires to attend in the postgraduate: Update Program in Communication, Gender and Sexuality at the School of Social Sciences of the UBA.

She has participated in several conferences, workshops and seminars regarding Philosophy, Education, Gender, and Audiovisual Communication. She has extensive experience in Gender and Communication area. She is a member of team of journalists that produces a radio program called Graves y agudas on Radio Sur (FM 88.3). She has worked in the Association for Progressive Communications (APC) as a member of the ICT Policy Monitor in Latin America. She is currently participating on Women’s Rights Programme of APC and she writes articles for GenderIT.

Since 2014 she is managing and developing her own radio project called Tristana producciones which came to be from the necesity to generate content with a gender perspective.

Miranda Carrete

Photo: China Soler

Integrated Announcer on radio and TV, graduated from the Superior Institute of Radio Education (ISER). Advanced Student from Bachelor of Communication Sciences at the Faculty of Social Sciences of the University of Buenos Aires (UBA).

She worked at Radio Nativa, Radio Zónica as a producer and host. Currently she works as announcer and writer of the informative service of Radio Sur (FM 88.3) and host of the program Lo dijo la radio.

She is a coordinator of the communication radio and social abilities workshop for children and teenagers “Vocación de ser” at Villa del Parque. During 2015 she worked as a teacher of the Announcer career at the Academy of radio y television of Buenos Aires.

Laura Mangialavori

Photo: Pamela Irigoyen

Advanced Student from Bachelor of Communication Sciences, with orientation in Community Communication at the Faculty of Social Sciences of the UBA.

She belongs to the Red Internacional de Periodistas con Visión de Género de Argentina (RIPVG). She has participated in production and host tasks in the radio of the Asociación Gremial de Trabajadores del Subte y el Premetro (AGTSyP), at the Centro Cultural IMPA La Fábrica.

She has realized workshops and seminars about Human Rights, Gender and Institutional Violence. Currently, she belongs to the alternative, popular and communitarian radio Radio Presente, located in the neighborhood Floresta.